DECEMBER – Craft Your 2022 Vision

CRAFT Your 2022 Vision

As you plan for the new year, keep your dreams and goals front and center with a vision board! Create yours with your family or friends to start 2022 strong.

What is a Vision Board?

A collection of pictures and images that inspire you to make your dreams a reality.

What’s Your 2022 Vision?

A. New career
B. Dream vacation
C. Family goals
D. Fitness journey
E. New hobby


Use any of the following as your canvas.

A. Blank poster board
B. Large sheet of paper or cardstock
C. Cork board
D. Blank art book
E. Scrapbook
F. Desktop screensaver


Not crafty? Set inspiring pictures as your desktop background or screensaver to remind you of your goals!

Pick Your Photos

Cut up magazines, print images off the web or find some on social media. Consider including retail tags, business cards or personal printed photos.

Hang it where you’ll see it!

Post it near your desk, in the living room or on the bedroom wall. If you created a vision “book,” place it in an easy-to-access drawer or on a shelf.

Make Your Dreams a REALITY

It’s easy to dream — it’s difficult to “do.” If you’re ready to make your dreams into a reality, follow these three steps.


Keep your vision board front and center to remind yourself of what you want to achieve. Glance at your board regularly to stay motivated on the journey.


Anticipate Obstacles

Consider what may disrupt your goals. Acknowledge these circumstances when writing your goals, and plan accordingly.

  1. Obstacle: “I can’t afford a vacation.”

Solution: Create a savings plan

2. Obstacle: “My kids’ schedules are too busy.”

Solution: Plan for a time when the kids are less busy.

Set Actionable Goals

Write down steps to help you achieve each goal.

  1. Example: “Save $500 extra per month.” Set a time and date for the goal.

2. Example: “By December 2022, I will have $6,000 in savings.”


“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

— Napoleon Hill