desert spring Aaah, Springtime! It’s already a feel good time of year for me as a dad with Boy Scout camping trips and little league baseball games. The weather is nice. We’ve already got Disneyland under our belts and we’re planning a beach trip for the summer. Life is good!

And then there is the Real Estate Market. This, too, feels good to me right now. It feels as though the cold, long winter of real estate doom and gloom is giving way to a rebirth of a healthy, happy market, especially in Arizona.

We are busy with referral calls from our Realtors and past clients and the mood of both buyers and sellers is upbeat and optimistic. Buyers are trusting that Real Estate is a good investment again and sellers are able to sell with enough equity to avoid short sales. Imagine that!

phxsunshinedAll I can say is that it’s about time….so let’s all enjoy the warmth!

– Joe