small space decor hacks

May 2019: Liven Up Any Space With These Small Decor Hacks

Decor Hacks for Small Spaces

No one wants their home to feel small and cramped. Make your rooms look bigger and add a little character with these easy hacks!

Hang Pots and Pans

Whether you hang them in a corner, above the stove or over a kitchen island, this storage method is aesthetically pleasing and also frees up cabinet space.

Freshen up With Plants

Try large bold plants, hanging plants, tiny succulents — whatever you can seamlessly fit into your space. No green thumb? The plants don’t have to be real!

small space decor hacks

Conceal Your Cords

Utilize cord hooks and Velcro strips to gather cords in one location. Cover them with furniture, a basket, a plant or an elegant box that complements your room’s theme.

Center Your Furniture

In a smaller room, it’s tempting to push nightstands and beds into the corner — keeping furniture centered with room on either side creates an uncluttered look.

Nesting Tables

A great space saver for smaller living rooms or bedrooms. The tables stack, so you can line them up as one unit, or break them up into separate pieces when there’s company.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

When placed across from a window, a mirror can visually expand even more, creating an illusion of infinite space. They also make for beautiful wall decor!

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