OCTOBER 2021 – Get Your Home Ready For The Season

GET YOUR Home Ready for the Season

There are a few things homeowners in every region will want to take care of before winter officially settles in.

1.  Wrap Up Outdoor Spaces

a. Cover up outdoor furniture or grills, and take in any décor.
b. If necessary, re-stain your deck to protect from rain or snow.
c. Winterize your pool.
1. Colder climates — Drain and winterize your pool.
2. Warmer climates — Decrease the frequency of the pump and filter and check the chemicals.

Prepare Your Lawn

a. Adjust irrigation timers.
1.Colder climates — Drain sprinkler systems and turn off completely.
2.Warmer climates — Consider a rain sensor to delay irrigation after rain.
b. Aerate your lawn. This helps keep grass healthy even in the colder months by releasing excess debris. Lawn aerators are available to rent at most major home improvement stores.
c. Rake up leaves regularly for a healthy lawn.

Check Your Home’s Exterior

a. Seal minor gaps and cracks near windows, doors and siding to prevent any bugs, water or cold air from getting in.
1.Use caulk for small gaps and plastic foam filler for larger ones.
b. Remove debris from the gutters, downspouts and roof.
c. Avoid floods or water damage by testing the gutters. Make sure it drains by spraying it with a hose, and have the water flow at least five feet away from the foundation.

Keeping Warm

a. Remove any ash or debris from your fi replace.
b. Get your chimney checked and ensure the damper is functioning properly — call me for a trusted referral!
c. Change the filters on your furnace. For electric heat, run the heaters once to get rid of any residue.

Need a pro? Give me a call! I can refer you to a trusted professional who can help with any of these tasks.


“Autumnize” Your Home Décor

Make your home feel warmer than a pumpkin spice latte with these small, simple touches!

Seasonal Scents

Candles with scents like pumpkin, allspice, vanilla or apple create an inviting and seasonal vibe in your home.

Heavier Linens

Replace thin sheets with heavier ones to keep you warm on crisp nights. Try swapping lighter colors for jewel tones that match the mood of the season.

Rustic Porch Décor

Apple crates filled with flowers, an oak leaf wreath, pumpkins and seasonal throw pillows can transform your porch into an autumn retreat.

Autumn Plants

Chrysanthemums and marigolds come in warm colors that can brighten up your kitchen table, garden or front porch.

Holiday Decorations

Pull down your holiday decorations and decide what you’re going to use this season. Use this time to get rid of or donate anything you no longer want.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Pick up a fire pit for cooler nights if space allows. Smaller ones can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Don’t forget the s’mores!