Plan Your Goals for the Entire Year!

Plan a goal strategy for the entire year to decide how that year is going to go, no matter what life throws your way.


Plan S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Pick one or two to focus on for the year.
• What do I want to accomplish?
• What do I need to achieve it?
• What is the benefit of this?
• By what date will I achieve it?

TIP: Break your primary goal into smaller, 10-day goals along the way!


Mid-Year Check-In
See how you’re doing with your goals by evaluating the status of each goal. Make adjustments if necessary and create a new plan of action from this evaluation if needed.


Reset and Re-Evaluate
Check-in and determine what still needs to happen to achieve that goal this year.


• Did I achieve my goal?
• What went well?
• What was challenging?
• What can I do differently moving forward?

Goal Setting and Your Success

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals has a big impact on your success. Here are a few notso-secret benefits of specific goal setting in work and life.

Stronger Performance
Goal setting is shown to increase individual motivation, helping us perform better at work or in the arena where we set the goal.1

Higher Levels of Success
You’re more likely to achieve your goal when you write it down, share it with others and check-in on it regularly.1

Increase Self-Confidence
Validation from others isn’t as necessary when you have achieved a lofty goal.2 That selfefficacy lends a huge confidence boost, which can inspire you to pursue another big goal.

Better Sense of Self
Positive psychology equates our goals with our values.2 When you strive for your goals, you’re also affirming your core values and your sense of self.

Healthier Lifestyle
In 2020, rates of depression nearly tripled in the United States.3 Setting strong goals is often a tactic to help treat depression by helping people actively work toward something meaningful.



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