Starting Over & David vs. Goliath

Starting Over
Bankruptcy red grunge vintage sealLike many people, Rosalinda had a bad experience with one of the big banks a few years ago. In the middle of a loan modification attempt, the bank foreclosed on her home that she lived in with her sister. Other life events also led her to an unavoidable bankruptcy. She had spent the last few years cleaning up credit and paying off debt and they were emotionally ready to be homeowners again. Rosy is a hard worker and had been working two jobs for the last 5 years. She made a lot of headway with her credit but still had not had enough time to save money to pay for the down payment and closing costs. Her realtor and I worked together to come up with a game plan that would allow Rosy and her sister to get into a home without having to wait another year or two to save the money. By using a zero down program that she was eligible for and getting the seller to contribute toward closing costs, Rosy was able to buy again.

Congratulations, Rosalinda! I’m so happy that you got to spend these holidays in your own home!!!

~ Joe Ashton


David vs. Goliath

dvgIt’s sometimes hard to compete with the huge budgets of the big online mortgage marketing companies. They spend millions of dollars to “sell” people on their product or process. We don’t spend any money on advertising to the general public so, occasionally, we hear that someone who had previously called us chose one of the online giants instead of Orion Mortgage. Whenever I hear that, I can’t help but feel like they’ve been duped and it makes me redouble my efforts to explain the benefits of the one-on-one personal touch that we offer, not to mention the better rates and lower fees. But there is also good news! Recently, Heidi P called me and, like the two previous times she had called, she was quoting me the “advertised” rates of one of those on line giants. I took a moment to ask her how it had gone the two times before and she admitted that the experience was very impersonal, uncommunicative, and the process was slow. This time, she was ready for the level of service that she knew she deserved. Throughout the transaction, she was able to communicate directly with Karen, her personal processor, and me. She was, and always will be, an important customer to us… not just a number. Given the opportunity, the service, pricing, and personal touch of this little “David” will outperform the Marketing Goliaths that are out there every time! The next time you or someone you care about needs mortgage advice, let us be your David. You will like how we lead you to the victory of a smooth transaction.

~ Joe Ashton